Approach to Curriculum

Technology has fundamentally changed our lives. And it’s not just about change today, status quo tomorrow –it’s about constant change –change today, change tomorrow, change forever. Someone leaving school today for example, can expect to have at least 3 different occupations during their lifetime, to be involved in jobs/careers that don’t exist yet, to be involved in formal education throughout their life, and to move away from the area or country they were born in.

For children on Great Barrier Island change is even more of a constant. When these children reach Year 9 they have to leave their homes, leave the freedom and isolation of Great Barrier and attend high school on the mainland. Suddenly they have to contend with homesickness, hostels, timetables, electric bells and classes of more than 15 kids. Hitch-hiking is no longer safe and if you pick up a bike from the side of the road you’re probably going to be charged with stealing it.

For students generally and Great Barrier Island students specifically an industrial-age school model no longer cuts it. A curriculum focused on content knowledge and obedience does nothing to increase a student’s potential for success in a kaleidoscopic world.

It is with the previous in mind that Mulberry Grove School has developed its school vision; a vision that aims to provide an environment where students will be at once individuals and community persons; secure in the person their unique life has allowed them to become, yet able to appreciate and work with others.

Mulberry Grove students will;

  • Have the skills to effectively self manage in different areas of their life.
  • Relate effectively and respectfully to others from a variety of backgrounds and in different contexts.
  • Participate and contribute effectively, helping create a sense of pride and worth in the communities to which they belong.
  • Understand and express themselves powerfully through a variety of ‘languages’, the most important of these being literacy and numeracy.
  • Draw on a range of critical and creative thinking strategies and apply them in different contexts.

This vision reflects a school commitment to the Key Competencies as the heart of the curriculum. These are;

  • Managing Self                                                              
  • Relating to Others
  • Participating and Contributing
  • Thinking
  • Using Language, Symbols and Text (The New Zealand Curriculum)

All elements of the school and classroom programme reflect this, from the charter, to curriculum delivery, assessment, reporting, and planning.


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